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Epoxy, Vinyl-ester, Poly-ester Composite Manufacturing of Boats, Yachts and other parts

Vacuum Technology, Sandwich System, E-glass and Carbon Fabrics Lamination

Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Plugs and Moulds Construction, ONE-OFF System for Custom Products

Key in Hand Custom Power/Sail Boats and Yachts Construction

Epoxy Painting System

Wooden Carpentry, Teak Work and Interior Decoration

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"We are the right partner for one-off and custom yachts construction, thanks to our experience and capability to expand and diversify in short time."

composite works

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C.M.M. Yatçılık San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.
P.O. Box 58, 07070 Free Trade Zone
Antalya - Turkey
Tel: +90 242 2593706 Fax: +90 242 2593707

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