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C.M.M. has been established in 2001 by Giorgio Lazzarone after a long experience in Italy together with his father Gianpiero Lazzarone who has got over 40 years’ experience in the yachting sector, especially with fast boats, which was his passion and which took him to race and win Offshore world championship in 1983.

Since we established C.M.M.,we have produced more than 60 pleasure crafts (Solare 40’, 43’, 46’ and 47’ and Blade 42’ and 50’) from 12 to 16 mt. These boats are designed and built 100% from C.M.M. and are delivered to the European market.

Due the global economic crisis, the pleasure craft market decreased dramatically and following our previous experiences we decided to concentrate on the commercial boats.

We designed and produced a Pilot boat (Pilot 40’) operating in south of Italy, a material and technicians fast transportation boat (Solare 13,50) serving an offshore platform in the Adriatic Sea, three Passenger boats (CMM 50’ 42 Pax) for Antalya Municipality (Turkey), and a Passenger boat (Solare 100 Pax) for touristic tour.

Therefore, looking at the future, we focused on research of environment-friendly solutions. For this purpose, Gianpiero designed and developed a displacement hull with very low power needing, with the target to combine with electrical propulsion system.

C.M.M. has produced as subcontractor two high quality epoxy sailing catamarans for Swiss Catamaran Concept, offshore world cruising sailing catamarans.

C.M.M. is today mainly working as subcontractor for Epoxy, Vinylester and Polyester composite construction manufactures, both for pleasure and commercial application.

C.M.M. has been also working as interior decoration subcontractor for local shipyards. Our latest interior work was to produce all the interiors of the famous two catamarans of Brilliant Boats Thunderbird 1 and 2. Thunderbird 2 has got a Triton submarine which can dive till 1.000 meters deep on her hydrolic platform.

Our boatyard has 4.200 sqm closed area in the Antalya Free Trade Zone.

We are a small but dynamic and practical company capable to embrace any kind of composite boats project, therefore, in the years we collected a good range of hull moulds, all tested with very good result.

We are the right partner for one-off and custom yachts construction, thanks to our experience and capability to expand and diversify in short time.

C.M.M. Yatçılık San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.
P.O. Box 58, 07070 Free Trade Zone
Antalya - Turkey
Tel: +90 242 2593706 Fax: +90 242 2593707

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